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helicas house

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About HH



Helicas House is about the happy factor. Creating, growing, and expanding on the happiness in your life is the goal, and there are three main ways to do that. Vintage finds that are timeless give soul to a space, and handmade art has a way of brightening the day. As events come along, a winning plan and carefully crafted design are offered with a consultation and styling agreement.

Opening its virtual doors in April 2013, HH is proud to join the local small business community of Arizona and hopes to connect and support fellow entrepreneurs.  


HH is always excited to work with new clients and gladly accepts the opportunity to work with you again as well. 

Let's make your today and tomorrow a little brighter -

*Happy* Helica


Texture speaks to me, 

and everything I create reflects that.

Born and raised in Arizona, sunshine spills over into my designs and artwork in the form of yellows and eclecticity. My name is Angelica, but my friends know me as Helica.

Whether I am vintage shopping, embroidering, doodling, painting, or designing a vignette, texture and words make up the heart of all that I do. Art is in my blood.

When we meet you'll find I'm pretty friendly (so don't worry about that punch in the arm), and I L-O-V-E to laugh. 

Here's to new beginnings and crazy adventures (with you in them)!



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