So … hello?

I don’t even know where to start, or end, or what to describe, so let’s just say …

Happy 2015!

It’s April, I know, but this year has been full of amazing opportunities and countless growing pains.

For now I’m dealing with my perfectionistic and procrastinating tendencies. It’s a deadly deal, no joke! I am working on consistently maintaining my calendar so it’s up-to-date. I found babysitters I can trust, should I wish to go out. I cleaned out seven years of accumulated items and am ready to re-do my sweet E’s room (agaaaaaaain!!! #longstory #kidrooms).

So while I bumble and struggle my way through building GOOD habits (and trying not to step into the alluring pitfalls that brought me here in the first place), I am glad to be here (even though it feels like suffering) because I know where I could (and would) be without these things.


Wishing you a great rest of the week – pursuing and not hiding from  your goals … or life 😉

Much love,