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So … hello?

I don’t even know where to start, or end, or what to describe, so let’s just say …

Happy 2015!

It’s April, I know, but this year has been full of amazing opportunities and countless growing pains.

For now I’m dealing with my perfectionistic and procrastinating tendencies. It’s a deadly deal, no joke! I am working on consistently maintaining my calendar so it’s up-to-date. I found babysitters I can trust, should I wish to go out. I cleaned out seven years of accumulated items and am ready to re-do my sweet E’s room (agaaaaaaain!!! #longstory #kidrooms).

So while I bumble and struggle my way through building GOOD habits (and trying not to step into the alluring pitfalls that brought me here in the first place), I am glad to be here (even though it feels like suffering) because I know where I could (and would) be without these things.


Wishing you a great rest of the week – pursuing and not hiding from  your goals … or life 😉

Much love,


moving day



I am moving. Eeeek!

It’s been about two years, and I am psyched out of my brain to get to decorate the new place. Ha! I would probably move frequently just for the designing aspect, but I’ll just reign that in before the craziness kills me.

A little goes a long way is a truth I struggle to implement in a consistent fashion. It has so many more meanings that I originally considered. For me – it means a little bit is better and can provide more than I thought, just doing a little is better and gets you farther than nothing at all, and less is more. As for the doing … even reading it over makes me want to procrastinate … just a little longer. Procrastination is one of the most debilitating habits to ever form, and I wish to heaven that I no longer had it whispering lies and promises of greatness in my ears.

What it promises and what it gives are so so so sooooooo not healthy! Stress, not simplicity, and the lost art of taking apart projects to build strong pieces that complete the whole. Well, at least I see it, right? And I have done some of this moving business right. I thought things through, made lists, and ordered the boxes ahead of schedule. Tomorrow – oh tomorrow. I get to drive a 20 foot death trap. Ha! I’m 5’2″ people. It’s going to be hilarious and terrifying.

But the best part of this move? Being thrilled down to my innermost innards about downsizing. Less! Waaaay less! I want to create a life that provides me with the time and ability to create – and I can’t do that if I’m busy organizing, re-organizing, cleaning, and straightening up STUFF that’s blocking the very road and killing the time I need. So there stuff. You can get very comfortable in somebody else’s life. (Because you’re awesome, and I will always love you. Don’t ever doubt it. We just weren’t good for each other. It wasn’t our time. Maybe we’ll cross paths again someday. And when I see you – just know I smile. I do. Because I love you.) Saying those last words to your stuff, it gets emotional. Sealing their fate with tape, well, let’s just say a couple of items were worth pulling the tape off for.

I’m not even going to edit that last paragraph. It’s raw emotion and grammar that’s just about shot to hell, but it’s real.


So off I go. To bed. Tomorrow is a day full of cleaning, schlepping, loading the truck, and getting to see the sweet sweet face of my baby girl (who has been living it up with her grandparents over the summer). Did I mention that I, too, have been living it up? Because I TOTALLY have! It was a great break, and I am excited for all that lies ahead.

Ahhhhh, Summer. I like the quiet and all encompassing heat you bring, the feeling of freedom and relax-a-daxing days (even when I am at work), and the chance to change things up. Summer – you rock!

Wishing you a chance to make a big change (or many small ones, hint hint)



I don’t know about you, but I can be paralyzed by my creativity – head filled to the brim with ideas and possible ways to fail.

I can criticize my way into a guilty state for not doing MORE, in turn doing NOTHING.

Today is not that day, and today will never be that day again! I don’t want it to be – at all.


The quote that has been replaying itself in my head like a quiet refrain of truth is this –  Do something small, and do it well.


Just like working out for twenty minutes meets your goal for the day – anything else is extra. Work on a project for twenty minutes a day, and you have worked on and met your goal. Rest is yours. Ahem, mine 🙂 If inspiration and creativity grow beyond that point, it’s sweet fruit and time to fly.

I give myself permission from this day forward, that my TODAY will be filled with met goals and moments of creativity where ideas can grow and guilt can die.





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