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This is it, #FMFparty time 🙂


Let’s do it!


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I see things so differently now. Things I had never considered, there’s a whole new light. My perspective is AWESOME. I feel like with each passing year, I’ve followed a path up a mountain. The path is not easy, it’s life people, it isn’t made to be easy. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!!! So the struggles, the dreams, the goals, and the obstacles – I can see the beauty in it all like never before.

And of course …

There are still days I get down, beat myself up, throw myself over the cliff and cry my little eyes out – but even now I can SEE what those days are for, why they happen, and my heart is ever grateful that I now plan for them and accept that the best that I can do is that.

And maybe it’s not just age. It’s experience too, I guess. I read Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles” (and I still can’t remember the entire title, even though the book is currently sitting on the seat in my car), and it’s all about story. I was not very inspired with mine, until I read that part about the inciting event.

I’ve got mine 🙂

Here’s to seeing new things and flying high!




Join the fun with the #FMFparty hosted by Lisa Jo Baker.
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It’s what time does and my heart feels when I get an impetuous kiss or a hug on the run.

It’s what I want to do when the sun is setting just so and my heart can’t be any more grateful than it already is.

It’s where feet can’t take you.


There have been so many tough times and rough moments this past year, but when I have that sweet five year old squishing my cheeks together, telling me I’m the BEST and she laughs at my silly faces – time and space fall away, homework and housework are a thing of the past, and my little soul just FLIES.

Free and clear, soaring above the petty issues and minor fights of the daily – that’s where you’ll find me. All the tantrums, misguided parenting books and advice, time “lost” – well, it’s nothing compared to this and everything all at the same time. Without the pain, the sometimes wretched existence born of two people growing together, there can never be this appreciation and wonderment and beauty.




It’s been a while!

Life is crazy, sometimes more than others 🙂

I’m not going to over think this, I’m not going to worry or live in fear.
I am going to write!



I think it’s the one thing we lack as parents this day in age. The concept of grace is pretty much the least evident in our parenting skills at the grocery store, as the kids cry and we hold that bar immeasurably high thinking they need to attain it. Where is the GRACE? Yes we need to have expectations, realistic ones are usually not the ones we have though, are they?

I spent the first years of my daughter’s life expecting her to be SOMETHING. At the age of two I practically exploded out of my skin after I had repeated myself over five times (really it was ten, but that level of insanity should only be known by a few, right?). What was it that I said?

Listen closely because at the time this made complete sense to me.
“Go grab your shoes and purse and bring them here so that I can put them on you.” After giving her 15 minutes to get ready.


We are so proud of ourselves for giving them options (they mostly DO NOT need, can’t handle, and don’t really want – but that’s a different story), but then we EXPECT and DEMAND them to act like mini adults. I gave you a choice (you weren’t ready for), you made a decision (with your limited thought process), and now there’s a natural consequence (which you can’t really comprehend).


Just consequences and frustration and little to no empathy.

That’s what I see looking back. I see the times I should’ve ( and should STILL) hug and hold – not scold and stand in silent indignation.

There needs to be a solid expectation, yes, but there needs to overwhelming and overly generous amounts of grace that show LOVE – 

no matter what