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change is … change

Is it good or bad? Welcome or rejected? It really doesn’t matter because it’s happening every moment of every day, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! Well, then I guess I better … embrace it? How can you embrace that which you do not know?

Today was supposed to be a day of business, followed by a relaxing movie night filled with laughter and plenty of popcorn. Needless to say, that did not happen. I started off strong, but then something happened. The plan changed. The shoot was rescheduled, to be exact. So there I sat next to a mountain of work that was just about finished, and my only prospect was that of taking it down and putting every piece of it away. Eeeek! Change can be a killer for a list person such as myself. I don’t get to finish the list? Check off the last box? What?!!!

With a little encouragement from my mother, I slowly broke that mountain apart into bite size pieces. I also rested and chatted in between and considered what it means to be “flexible”. Now that is something I have never been been accused of being. I remember watching my third grade friends do somersaults and cartwheels and thinking how I couldn’t even understand the concept! Funny how  even though my life has changed so drastically, I still feel like a confounded third grader most days. I watch others take life and whirl it around, skipping past what I considered to be unsurmountable obstacles, and I don’t get it. How? How?

So my goal this week is to make a list with as few items as possible, and live the moment with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. After-all, tomorrow is going to be a whole different animal 🙂