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Meet Alejandra


I have a couple of projects I’m working on, some personal and some for my house, but today I want to share an experience. And being with her, watching her work, viewing her photos and motion projects is completely that. I have known of and had the privilege of speaking with Alejandra of Imaginale Design, and I am telling you … the word amazing barely captures her vibrancy and love of life, not to mention her gift for storytelling. Instead of raving on and on about her, I thought I’d share two of her many stories.

The first is a wedding in motion.

A Magnetic Love

And the second is a promo she created.

Mike Olbinski Photography

I am in the process of finding my voice, as Mike mentions in his blog about the promo, and it is such an exciting time in my life! I am inspired by Ale’s work and the way she has embraced the talent she has been given and uses it to inspire, embrace, and encourage a wonder and appreciation for life. While I dream up new projects and work on, watch these videos and let the magic of her storytelling weave a smile into your life 🙂