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making things official

Have you ever felt like you knew what you wanted, but just to make sure, you get the opinion of – oh, say 20 different people – to validate what you knew all along to be true? I have done this practically my whole life! And I remember a couple of years ago, one of my best friends confronted me with this statement – “If you already know what you want and know you are going to do it anyway, why are you asking me?” Hmmmm. She might just have something there, I thought.

While I know at times we are wise to ask and seek advice on some life decisions, most of the time what we are really doing is admitting our lack of self confidence. I finish a drawing, take a step back, my heart finds delight, and then … I run over to see if it really is awesome by having someone else acknowledge it. Say what?! My heart was happy, and I was satisfied. End of story. And in the case of starting my own business, hemming and hawing before the gigantic task it seemed to amount to, there I was again asking someone’s opinion. I knew what I wanted. I knew I could do it. I had the dream, the talent, and the guts. So what was I waiting for? Validation?

Then one day I decided to believe this small truth. I am an expert … on me. I can speak on that with confidence. And I like the work that I do, and I can speak of that with confidence. So, I made things official. I bought a domain. Then a hosting plan. I clicked through endless options, found myself drowning in internet speak and fizzelewhit nonsense, so I took a break and a breather and came back. I may not be the most technologically gifted person on the planet, but I don’t have to be.  And today I doubly made it official and applied for my LLC. Whoaaaah. Deep breath. I may not be the best illustrator, writer, painter, crafter, organizer, or party planner out there. But the great news is this. I DON’T HAVE TO BE THE BEST. I just have to do my best. Officially 🙂


And that’s what I aim to do. Besides, I can be the best me that ever existed, which has the completely underestimated advantage of meaning that I get to compete with myself. Oh man. I’m liking where this is going!