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it’s not Friday


So why am I posting?Β 



I had a beautiful Monday, and I have had some wonderful moments sprinkled throughout these last couple of weeks. Life is just plain fun! And I feel like recording it πŸ™‚


I have received beautiful drawings from kids with hearts full of love, danced in the kitchen, sorted and said goodbye to toys that need to go to a new home, and I WENT ON A DATE! Say what? I’m so glad I took the plunge! A great man, a cup of hot chocolate, and fantastic conversation made for one of the sweetest times. EVER. I will forever be grateful for his kind heart and hearty laugh. Throw in some sarcasm? Love it!

Life is a varied and funny thing – and I’m happy to be in this season. Thrilled would be a better fit. As would elated, excited, and any ready to kick up my feet and have a good time-ish phrases πŸ™‚



So party planning, taxes, and art projects aside – I’M HAPPY. Not because life is perfect, but because I get to live it πŸ™‚ Really. Not survive, or cope, or any of those horrid things that sometimes entangle us – nope nope nope. Not me.


I get to sit in the car waiting for my daughter to get out of school, recline my seat completely back, and take in the wondrous creation. Le sigh. The wind singing with the leaves, the sun casting gorgeous shadows and highlighting the amazing details of each leaf, and the distant sound of traffic sounding like a deep river. Oh my. It was peaceful and soothing. I unplugged and let my mind wander – and I felt the youth of my soul revive.

So we sat and chatted for two hours. TWO HOURS. And it felt like nothing and everything at the same time. He listened so patiently to my ramblings, waited while I tried to gather my thoughts, and even let me finish my sentences. I was ME. And I could feel the blood of Β non-mom me start to flow in my veins again. And what I want, and what I fear, and what I dream – it’s there. I saw it, and he gave me the chance to speak it. I loved every minute! Walking and talking – I heard his heart, his laugh, and I was perfectly happy. It’s the chance to grow and be pushed – to listen to different music and appreciate the print you leave in this world – all at the same time.


And I love the newness of sharing in the beauty of another’s soul.