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I know what it’s like to FALL


I haven’t posted in a while.

So, it’s funny that today’s word for #FMF would be FALL. It’s something I excel in. I could win awards, outshine all of you, I’m sure, and still not be done doing it. I’m that good!


I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but you know how imperfections in the sidewalk sometimes lead to little hiccups with your walking pattern? Well, do you ever look around after you trip up? Wonder if anyone noticed? Cause I did. And I do. Ha!

Lately, though, it feels more like I’m destined to not only fall, but fail. Though they aren’t the same, they are pretty good buddies, preceding each other. Like the openers at a concert. The ones that let you know what’s coming, song wise, because they were specifically picked by the band to present their genre. But I digress.

Falling and failing are not things I strive to do. Does anyone? But I find myself today, at this very moment, clearly facing a decision. I have been in like a wash and repeat cycle with these two lately. What to do AFTER?

Still in progress.