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it’s Friday! which means it’s time to …

Backyard Noises

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As I am working on designs and collection pieces, I will be blogging less and working more. Arguably, blogging is working and vice versa, but for this gal, Fridays will be the sure fire without a doubt blog posting day 🙂 Anything else that comes up in my travels, daily life, or tipsy topsy mind might make it as a post on occasion, as well.

Onward and upward.



I am not a good listener. So so so sad about that. But I have been working on improving. Truly and honestly.

Around here these days are some sounds that make me happier than I’ve ever been. And some are sad, making me stare up at the ceiling at night, unable to sleep and wondering what wrong turn I made on this wonderful journey of motherhood.

(Side note: I should not have put the stopwatch timer next to me. Unnerving!)

So today I decided to brave the heat and step outside to see what I heard. And it was amazing! I heard the birds singing in the tress, the scrunching of the grass beneath my feet – which were burning by the time I took my fifth step on the concrete, haha. I heard a soft breeze in the trees. And I stepped back into the house to hear the sweetest sound EVER! My sweet E laughing. The queen of belly laughs always makes my list of Top 100 anything, including Top 10 reasons to run from and to the house. <Insert belly laugh>

So, I guess what I need is to listen MORE. Talk way way way way way less, and enjoy a moment of silence every now and again. How about you?  Do you wish I would take less time talking? HAHAHA. Of course you do! So. There. 🙂