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It’s been a while!

Life is crazy, sometimes more than others 🙂

I’m not going to over think this, I’m not going to worry or live in fear.
I am going to write!



I think it’s the one thing we lack as parents this day in age. The concept of grace is pretty much the least evident in our parenting skills at the grocery store, as the kids cry and we hold that bar immeasurably high thinking they need to attain it. Where is the GRACE? Yes we need to have expectations, realistic ones are usually not the ones we have though, are they?

I spent the first years of my daughter’s life expecting her to be SOMETHING. At the age of two I practically exploded out of my skin after I had repeated myself over five times (really it was ten, but that level of insanity should only be known by a few, right?). What was it that I said?

Listen closely because at the time this made complete sense to me.
“Go grab your shoes and purse and bring them here so that I can put them on you.” After giving her 15 minutes to get ready.


We are so proud of ourselves for giving them options (they mostly DO NOT need, can’t handle, and don’t really want – but that’s a different story), but then we EXPECT and DEMAND them to act like mini adults. I gave you a choice (you weren’t ready for), you made a decision (with your limited thought process), and now there’s a natural consequence (which you can’t really comprehend).


Just consequences and frustration and little to no empathy.

That’s what I see looking back. I see the times I should’ve ( and should STILL) hug and hold – not scold and stand in silent indignation.

There needs to be a solid expectation, yes, but there needs to overwhelming and overly generous amounts of grace that show LOVE – 

no matter what


I know what it’s like to FALL


I haven’t posted in a while.

So, it’s funny that today’s word for #FMF would be FALL. It’s something I excel in. I could win awards, outshine all of you, I’m sure, and still not be done doing it. I’m that good!


I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but you know how imperfections in the sidewalk sometimes lead to little hiccups with your walking pattern? Well, do you ever look around after you trip up? Wonder if anyone noticed? Cause I did. And I do. Ha!

Lately, though, it feels more like I’m destined to not only fall, but fail. Though they aren’t the same, they are pretty good buddies, preceding each other. Like the openers at a concert. The ones that let you know what’s coming, song wise, because they were specifically picked by the band to present their genre. But I digress.

Falling and failing are not things I strive to do. Does anyone? But I find myself today, at this very moment, clearly facing a decision. I have been in like a wash and repeat cycle with these two lately. What to do AFTER?

Still in progress.