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holding on



What a week! Ideas racing through my head, fear (more often than I’d like) coursing through my veins and striking down my dreams, and indecision, my dearly hated friend, keeps me poised yet not ready to strike.

Have you ever been there? You KNOW what you want, you’re ready to jump, but the unfamiliar is just so darn scary! Funny how silly it all seems written in black and white, but this fear, this indecision, makes life just one big weight on my back. I coupled this lovely drama with a daughter who could totally wait out a mule. Oh yeah, people,  good times around here.

So what then?  Sit and drown in ideas that are never pursued? Deny my dreams a chance because I’m clinging to what exactly? Then I remembered this journal entry from five years ago.


And that’s when it hit me. I keep striving, dreaming, crashing, weaving, but not once this week have I stopped and rested in His promise. It’s what makes me smile, lights the way, and puts a song in my mouth. And boy oh boy do I need some more of that!

So this weekend I am defining my goals, enjoying the precious moments I have with my little firecracker, and resting in and working through His promise.

And I can breathe, eat, slee and dream because …

It is all I’ll ever need 🙂

Much love and rest sent your way –