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I don’t know about you, but I can be paralyzed by my creativity – head filled to the brim with ideas and possible ways to fail.

I can criticize my way into a guilty state for not doing MORE, in turn doing NOTHING.

Today is not that day, and today will never be that day again! I don’t want it to be – at all.


The quote that has been replaying itself in my head like a quiet refrain of truth is this –  Do something small, and do it well.


Just like working out for twenty minutes meets your goal for the day – anything else is extra. Work on a project for twenty minutes a day, and you have worked on and met your goal. Rest is yours. Ahem, mine 🙂 If inspiration and creativity grow beyond that point, it’s sweet fruit and time to fly.

I give myself permission from this day forward, that my TODAY will be filled with met goals and moments of creativity where ideas can grow and guilt can die.





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