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keep an eye out

Courtesy of Walk with Us
Image courtesy of Walk with Us

Tonight will be random at best.

This post will resemble a magician’s black bag today – you just won’t know what topic I’m pulling out next 🙂


I never know when a great idea will hit, so I always have a notebook, pen, and flashlight by my bedside because it invariably happens just as I close my eyes to rest. I’ve tried pretending that I was going to sleep with the hopes of speeding the process up. No dice. I’ve also tried thinking through a problem BEFORE I even lay down, kind of like pre-programming my mind. Yeah, that was a dead end too. So, I have learned to be ready. I keep an eye and ear out for anything that inspires me, send texts to myself, and I am constantly emailing myself pics that capture a certain element I’ve been thinking about. If I’m on my laptop, Pinterest’s Private Boards are an absolute Godsend I tell you! Sometimes I’m just not ready to share this brilliantly awesome item with everyone,ya know?


Who would have ever thought that would even be a phrase? The concept is definitely new to me, but I am interested in hearing about yours if you have one. I’m so new to this that the idea of planning anything seems like a joy kill, but then, I would also like to have some consistency and be able to share tutorials regularly. Plus, it would be kind of nice to be able to drop in ideas or have a certain theme pulling things together. I’d love to hear about your experience with this, so feel free to fill up the comment section 🙂

This naturally lead to this question – WHY DON’T MORE PEOPLE COMMENT?

I just recently made it to 30+ “Likes” on my FB page, and after I jumped around the room cheering and fist pumping, I noticed something. 25 people viewed my post, maybe 1 Liked it, and NO COMMENTS. Question after question, post after post, and I’m not seeing anyone really interact with me. Am I doing something wrong? Oh blogging geniuses you, share some wisdom here, please 🙂 My attempts at engaging people in topics and conversations via this blog and on FB are pretty dismal, to say the least, and I just don’t get why they don’t do it.


I have a point and shoot camera. And while I would L-O-V-E (and learn to use) one of those fancy dancy SLR ones, it’s just not in the budget right now. So my question is this, if I’m doing a tutorial, and my less than stellar pictures are the only ones I can use, do I post them? I just feel like I’m insulting people with only slightly aesthetically pleasing images. Not that I just shoot them randomly or haphazardly, but they just are obviously not of the caliber or up to par with other bloggers’ content.

And that’s all I have for random thoughts and questions, which concludes the magic portion of tonight’s post. Questions thrown out into the blogosphere have a fun way of freeing my mind and hopefully I’ll get a comment … sometime? Ha!

Here’s to hoping, dreaming, and blogging!


*happy* helica on her very first photo shoot!

picture day

Here I am world! Never thought I would look forward to having my picture taken or even be remotely inspired to share it with the world, but there you have it. And I LOVE it! Lexi (here here!) is such a calm and caring person to work with, and she totally made me feel at ease with a giant camera inches from my face.  I felt like I could do anything and never have single bad shot, which of course is my idealized version, but I’m happy to report that I never did have to see those gawky half open, teeth baring smile moments. So that definitely makes for a happier me. It was a sunrise shoot, and the morning air had a fragrance as beautiful as my dreams. We walked along a small ravine of sorts, a wash would probably be more accurate, and when we hit the flat ground I was in such a peaceful space. There’s something about early morning, the perspective of newness and possibility, where dreams are allowed to breathe and test their wings. I honestly have not had a morning so full of promise since my youthful days of rising at dawn to meet up with friends for a morning run at the park. What glorious times we had! And it was in the stillness of the morning air that I realized what I’ve been missing by not taking in these quiet moments.

I am by nature a night owl, but there’s something about waking up refreshed and not groggy. Honestly speaking, my night owl tendencies don’t really lead to productivity, just a general wasting of time. I do dream and ponder, but it isn’t with a clear mind, so inspiration tends to become another unfulfilled project, the weight of its unfinished/un-begun presence mocking the dreams I started off with. With all that said, I am convinced that if I used my time a little more wisely (read: sleeping v. pinterest) greater plans and finished projects would make an even happier me. I guess I just assumed that being a single mom meant you started the day tired and ended it avoiding the next day’s tasks. Even typing it sounds depressing. But I’m not going to do or think that anymore.

So take a look at this smile and know that behind it is a heart that’s learning to beat a happy tune … again <3