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keep an eye out

Courtesy of Walk with Us
Image courtesy of Walk with Us

Tonight will be random at best.

This post will resemble a magician’s black bag today – you just won’t know what topic I’m pulling out next 🙂


I never know when a great idea will hit, so I always have a notebook, pen, and flashlight by my bedside because it invariably happens just as I close my eyes to rest. I’ve tried pretending that I was going to sleep with the hopes of speeding the process up. No dice. I’ve also tried thinking through a problem BEFORE I even lay down, kind of like pre-programming my mind. Yeah, that was a dead end too. So, I have learned to be ready. I keep an eye and ear out for anything that inspires me, send texts to myself, and I am constantly emailing myself pics that capture a certain element I’ve been thinking about. If I’m on my laptop, Pinterest’s Private Boards are an absolute Godsend I tell you! Sometimes I’m just not ready to share this brilliantly awesome item with everyone,ya know?


Who would have ever thought that would even be a phrase? The concept is definitely new to me, but I am interested in hearing about yours if you have one. I’m so new to this that the idea of planning anything seems like a joy kill, but then, I would also like to have some consistency and be able to share tutorials regularly. Plus, it would be kind of nice to be able to drop in ideas or have a certain theme pulling things together. I’d love to hear about your experience with this, so feel free to fill up the comment section 🙂

This naturally lead to this question – WHY DON’T MORE PEOPLE COMMENT?

I just recently made it to 30+ “Likes” on my FB page, and after I jumped around the room cheering and fist pumping, I noticed something. 25 people viewed my post, maybe 1 Liked it, and NO COMMENTS. Question after question, post after post, and I’m not seeing anyone really interact with me. Am I doing something wrong? Oh blogging geniuses you, share some wisdom here, please 🙂 My attempts at engaging people in topics and conversations via this blog and on FB are pretty dismal, to say the least, and I just don’t get why they don’t do it.


I have a point and shoot camera. And while I would L-O-V-E (and learn to use) one of those fancy dancy SLR ones, it’s just not in the budget right now. So my question is this, if I’m doing a tutorial, and my less than stellar pictures are the only ones I can use, do I post them? I just feel like I’m insulting people with only slightly aesthetically pleasing images. Not that I just shoot them randomly or haphazardly, but they just are obviously not of the caliber or up to par with other bloggers’ content.

And that’s all I have for random thoughts and questions, which concludes the magic portion of tonight’s post. Questions thrown out into the blogosphere have a fun way of freeing my mind and hopefully I’ll get a comment … sometime? Ha!

Here’s to hoping, dreaming, and blogging!


is this a tutorial?

So, I have been beyond busy lately finishing up my second semester (two more to go until I have my AA in Fine Arts), starting the biz, and mommy-ing.  That’s when I thought to myself – you should really stack another thing on your plate. There’s room.

Which completely explains why I decided to redo my room. It was a great room. I didn’t take before pics, so just take my word for it. Isn’t that just like a beginning blogger? All this to say,  today I’m going to share my gallery wall, even though I really dislike labeling it as a gallery due to its eclectic feel and seemingly random ordering. I’m also going to pretend that you’ve never seen one of these done before, so simple step-by-step  and tute-ish directions will be my photo captions.

First, take each item that will be displayed, and trace it onto a sheet of paper. I have a HUGE roll of butcher paper, so I just placed as many frames as I could on a sheet, traced, and cut each one. And then I scribbled a sketch and title – in the unlikely event that it should be misplaced. Flip over the cut out sketch, find the space where the nail goes, and punch a hole. Like this –

Step One: : Trace, Cut, Sketch, Punch Hole
Step One: : Trace, Cut, Sketch, Punch Hole

After you need to finish the tedious task of doing that for every piece, it’s time to play with placement. Using tape, attach each item to the wall, until you’ve filled the space (like me) or are happy with the arrangement (mostly counts).

Step Two:  Select piece, placement, and tape cut out to the wall accordingly.
Step Two: Select piece, placement, and tape cut out to the wall accordingly.

Then, it’s time to really have some fun. Move things around and make sure you are happy with the level of eclectic-ity that you see. You really want to be sure that this is something that makes you happy because, I don’t know about you, but patchwork is not quite as fun as it sounds.  If you are a believer in completely filling up all available viewing space, it should look something like this.

Step Three: Make all final adjustments before putting the nails in to those carefully marked holes.
Step Three: Make all final adjustments before putting the nails in to those carefully marked holes.


Step Three (extended version) - If you have an item needing two nails, make sure to use your handy dandy level BEFORE popping those suckers in.
Step Three (extended version) – If you have an item needing two nails, make sure to use your handy dandy level BEFORE popping those suckers in.

So, now you’ve aligned everything, punched lots of holes in your wall, and you’re almost done! Yay! All that is left to do is pull off those lovely sketched and replace them with the actual artwork. This is how mine turned out.

Step Five: Replace the cutouts with actual artwork. Step by, clap, and pat yourself on the back.
Step Four: Replace the cutouts with actual artwork. Feel free to step back, clap, and fist pump like I did.

And now I’m done with my first faux tutorial. I’m telling you, it is quite the task to do these – and mine was SIMPLE! Ha. The pictures aren’t the best, mostly because I decided to make this tutorial in about five seconds flat (which was NEVER going to happen).

The good news is, I smile every time I look at this. It’s directly in front of my desk and has proved to be completely functional. I have my chalkboard (which totally did not get erased), my hanging magnetic board (total score for $3), and some cork board circles for “pinning”. I hope that this inspires you to take your walls and fill them up with moments that make you smile 🙂