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hit the ground running

So yesterday I presented my website and portfolio in my art marketing class. While I usually enjoy this portion, I was a little off my game from lack of sleep. As it turns out, nobody noticed. Ha! I’ll take that to mean I did a better job than I thought, or else my game needs a serious kick in the pants.

Speaking of a which, I just found out that I will solely be concentrating on this new business venture of mine starting … FRIDAY. What???!!!! While I hadn’t planned on making this my sole source of income just yet, I do now. Most definitely. The sinking feeling in my stomach phase is dying down, but we’ll see what the rest of the week has in store. Tomorrow will involve many MANY pictures of items to add to my online shop. Still deciding if I want to pursue an etsy account or try running things solo. Maybe both?

When you get a moment, will you pray for this stressed out momma? Thanks!


starting in the middle

Pretty much most of my life was spent thinking that I would *know* when something was supposed to happen. The golden moment. Timing perfectly coinciding with my dreams and open doors. Yet here I am. 31. Single momma. A room redo incomplete as I type, an early morning position to fill in for, and an assignment due in class. And the truth is, life is messy. No lie!

So I am starting in the middle of this, what some would call, mess. I’m just going for it. I’ve researched my way into procrastination, planned my way into piles of lists, and pretty much NOT done what I was made to do for the last three years. I’ve also been healing and learning, and I am happy to see progress in the heart department. But it’s time. Time to move ahead and make these fanciful thoughts and cloudy daydreams a reality. Even here in the midst of a crazy life, I make a motion to make life a BEAUTIFIED mess. Because we are, in reality, always in the middle 🙂