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here’s hoping

So yeah. I had a strange day today, and really it was all due to the fact that my reality has shifted so quickly, partly on my doing and mostly unexpectedly.

On Wednesday I was notified that I would no longer have my position after Friday. Coincidentally, I was on my way to pick up my LLC paperwork, which had just been approved. Hmmm. I then proceeded to open a business banking account, which incidentally used up the last 100 dollars I have to my name. Double hmmn. So could it be that I will be one of those New York Times best selling authors that pens an inspirational tale of success about starting from nothing, la dee do la de dah? Or am I just a penniless single mom? Ha. Here’s hoping that my future is the former and strays far far far from the latter. Oh, and may it be FILLED with plenty of these 🙂

 one hundred bucks