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This is it, #FMFparty time 🙂


Let’s do it!


Mountain Climber Round Border






I see things so differently now. Things I had never considered, there’s a whole new light. My perspective is AWESOME. I feel like with each passing year, I’ve followed a path up a mountain. The path is not easy, it’s life people, it isn’t made to be easy. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!!! So the struggles, the dreams, the goals, and the obstacles – I can see the beauty in it all like never before.

And of course …

There are still days I get down, beat myself up, throw myself over the cliff and cry my little eyes out – but even now I can SEE what those days are for, why they happen, and my heart is ever grateful that I now plan for them and accept that the best that I can do is that.

And maybe it’s not just age. It’s experience too, I guess. I read Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles” (and I still can’t remember the entire title, even though the book is currently sitting on the seat in my car), and it’s all about story. I was not very inspired with mine, until I read that part about the inciting event.

I’ve got mine 🙂

Here’s to seeing new things and flying high!