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It’s what time does and my heart feels when I get an impetuous kiss or a hug on the run.

It’s what I want to do when the sun is setting just so and my heart can’t be any more grateful than it already is.

It’s where feet can’t take you.


There have been so many tough times and rough moments this past year, but when I have that sweet five year old squishing my cheeks together, telling me I’m the BEST and she laughs at my silly faces – time and space fall away, homework and housework are a thing of the past, and my little soul just FLIES.

Free and clear, soaring above the petty issues and minor fights of the daily – that’s where you’ll find me. All the tantrums, misguided parenting books and advice, time “lost” – well, it’s nothing compared to this and everything all at the same time. Without the pain, the sometimes wretched existence born of two people growing together, there can never be this appreciation and wonderment and beauty.