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The Master Plan

I love to entertain and celebrate birthdays big, but I do not love the stressed out creature I become before every event. So one day I sat down and created a master list of each item that had to be bought, created, and arranged. This lead to the Master Plan, and it has helped me countless time from events as simple as brunch as well as the complex birthday party extravaganzas. There are many versions of these types of lists out there today, ready to be downloaded and filled out, but the vision behind them and the detail in the styling is what I would love to help design. 

We have all been to, or even hosted, an event where we chose a theme and continued to plaster the same image onto every straw, wrapper, and tablecloth. While the theme itself is not to blame, it often leads to a circumventing of ideas and inspiration; choking out the fun. What could have otherwise been a brilliantly landscaped party, in turn, becomes a repetitive notion. There is no sense of depth or interest; just the same three colors, and the same pattern on the paper goods, the water bottles, and the cupcake toppers.

Well, I want more.

I want events where tiny nuances and delicate design details lead me to forget the every day duties and give me a moment to enjoy an artistically arranged vignette. I want to see an entire venue outfitted with dimensionally proportionate decorations, not just a garland on a forgotten wall. I want you and I to have fun with the planning, fun with the doing, and fun with the partying. Afterall, stress should only be something you do to the words of a joke's punch line. You see, at these events, there are no forlorn areas, no matchy matching and dreary color schemes. Nope. No way. In their place there is great design. And it is to this place that I would like to take you. You and all your guests :) 

How It Works

First, we talk.

And talk and talk and talk. Select a half hour ($35) or an hour-long ($55) consultation, and during that time we will discuss every detail that is needed to make your event complete.  You should have the location, or the possibilities, and guest estimate with you to make sure that we can address the details in depth.

We will create a master plan, brainstorm and select each detail for the menu, decorations, and any other items that you will complete your concept. A concept, as opposed to a theme, can invigorate an event's mood, create interest, and invite creativity. The concept becomes a fluid and flexible background that engages the overall feeling and tone, giving direction to the design elements, without overshadowing or overpowering with a sole idea or theme. This allows for a plan that is personalized, which may or may not contain themed elements and visual cues, yet strives to transform the every day into something special.

When you leave, not only will you have in hand a checklist with each sub-category‚Äôs items and a to do list, but you'll be able to host an event that directly translates the words and feeling from your heart into an environment which sets the mood and frees friends and family to enjoy. 



Then, we work.

Fresh from the brainstorming dreams, we will take each item decided on and find a way to incorporate into the overall scheme. I will design tablescapes and vignettes that showcase the overall concept and determine the mood. Each area of the venue/location will be addressed, so as to maintain the ambiance. Due to the varying nature of details, a flat fee will be charged per event, and the contract will clearly specify tasks and responsibilities. This should not read as I will take all your money; more like, a fair amount will be paid for my talent and time.


My love and understanding of design is the heartbeat of all that I do. The venue becomes my canvas, and the concept allows me to incorporate various mediums. Each vignette I craft, and each decoration, is carefully placed to welcome every guest and provide an experience like no other.

Parties and celebrations are to be a place where laughter is heard and memories are made.  I will help you to create an event that surrounds your guests with design and allows you to enjoy the experience along with them. 

Please call or write to book your consultation today. 

Here are some celebrations I've planned and designed.

All images were captured by the amazingly talented Lexi Ferra.


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A Royal Gathering. Pink, gold accents, flowers, chiffon curtains, and a wand decorating activity made this party fit for a princess and her court. 


A Sweet Marriage. Anthropolgie inspired with lace and handmade jewelry, this bridal celebration had vintage accents and a delectable menu of fresh fruits and homemade gorditas. 


It's Painting Time. What a wildly fun time we had spreading the paint and love with a mock Color Run, finger paints, and a gigantic pinata. 

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For more information and/or to schedule a consultation, please contact Helica here